Cash Rivers and the Sinners – Bad Side of the Coin LP

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There are two sides to everything. Sometimes we see the good. Sometimes we see the bad.
We at Shit & Shit Records urge you to focus your ears on the good in Bad Side of the Coin, the fourth album from Cash Rivers and the Sinners. Despite Mr. Rivers' bad attitude, bad intentions, and bad habits, we believe his new album is very good. Bad Side of the Coin guides listeners on a journey that transcends expectations of genre, sound and decorum.
Cash Rivers doesn't seek your approval, he doesn't care to coddle your expectations, nor does he give a rat's ass about you. Nor do his loyal band the Sinners. Despite their chops, they are bastards just like their boss. These men are all bad, but out in the outlaw landscape of psychedelic bubble country, bad still means good.

Label: Rockathon ‎– 2020
Format: Vinyl, LP, Shape, Album, Limited Edition
Country: USA & Canada
Released: 2020
Genre: Rock, Blues, Folk, World, & Country


A1 Do It Real Good
A2 Whatever We Give You
A3 The Purple Hair
A4 Breaking Her In
A5 She's Smoking Crack In The Synthesizer Room
A6 Pango Bye Bye Juice
A7 Hard Livin' Little Liver - September Whiskey
A8 Tindall Tables
A9 She Grows Me Out
A10 To The Waistband
A11 Sugar Booger Baby
A12 Sir Wackinoff
A13 Run With It
A14 Eggs Make Me Sick [Cash Rivers Version]
A15 Baby Let Me Buy You Lunch
A16 Evil Mustard
A17 Baby's Takin' A Shit
B1 Kicker Of Elves [Cash Rivers Version]
B2 Struggling Wizards Juggling Lizards
B3 Computerized Eyes
B4 Rip
B5 Too Drunk For Facebook
B6 23 Days Before Christmas
B7 I'm Down To 19 Push-Ups
B8 Stipend Mills
B9 Sucker Punch
B10 Chico And The Man
B11 My Angel [Cash Rivers Version]
B12 Googling Pam
B13 Poor Mrs. Blankenship
B14 Aunt Ethel
B15 Grandma Got Ta Ta Too
B16 Makin' Fun Of Them Other Two
B17 Call The Dog
B18 Best Day Ever

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